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Computer-aided design software, or CAD, is important for designers and space planners throughout various industries. AutoCAD is the software program these professionals use most frequently. Developed in 1982, the software became available as a web- and cloud-based app in 2010. Prior to its implementation, most CAD programs used in commercial settings could only run on minicomputers or mainframe computers. AutoCAD allowed users to access the software on personal computers.

Pros of AutoCAD
AutoCAD provides a way for designers and engineers to save money and time by creating digital renderings of buildings and spaces. In the past, making a change to a construction plan could add thousands or even millions of dollars to the cost of the project. With AutoCAD, users can now make a simple change in minutes, then send the new design to those involved with the project via email. It also provides an easier way to share several plan options with clients, giving them more control over the ultimate outcome of the project.
Who Uses AutoCAD?
The most common uses for AutoCAD include creating 3-D models, floor plans, blueprints, and specific construction plans. Prior to AutoCAD, many designers and engineers had to create plans by hand, which was time-consuming and could add a lot of extra cost to a project. Those who utilize AutoCAD in their daily work lives include architects, engineers, interior designers, and others. When creating plans with AutoCAD, designers can get into great detail, including determining where to put plumbing, electrical work, and walls. The program is also useful for interior designers since it makes it easier to place and move items.
How to Learn About AutoCAD
Experience with AutoCAD is very useful for employers who are seeking staff members. For this reason, it is beneficial for those who want to work in these fields to learn more about AutoCAD and take courses to gain hands-on experience with the software. There are educational programs available online or at many college and university campuses. AutoCAD is a fairly expensive program, so it is often more cost-effective to take a course where the school will pay for the software license. Most employers will also pay for the license for staff members.
Working with AutoCAD

Those who create plans and work in any of these industries will often work closely with AutoCAD. Since this software is used throughout offices around the world, it may require some additional training and education of staff members. The software developers continue to make changes and improvements, so continuous training is beneficial.

Employees who work in engineering, interior design, and construction management will probably use AutoCAD on a daily basis. Learning to use and navigate the software is a great way to improve the job opportunities available, since experience is so valuable in these fields. Candidates who want to learn more about AutoCAD should look for educational courses and job opportunities where they can use these skills and help create new designs and plans for companies throughout the world.

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